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You can message me in-game on Jubilee (main) or Ruse (alt) on the Ollo server. I will often be PvPing and may not be reading chat closely, so an in-game mail probably works best.



Im also Ruse on the official ArcheAge forums, which I check regularly.

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  1. HawkSlayer
    HawkSlayer / 11-5-2014 / ·

    it is not working correctly. It does not have the 500% property tax limit.

  2. Roxanne
    Roxanne / 11-17-2014 / ·

    Hey Ruse, do you mind deleting this entry? XD since my updated house has been posted up? Thanks! ^_^

  3. Sindre
    Sindre / 11-26-2014 / ·

    Hello! I was wondering how to obtain the Realistic Clockwork Cat
    I bought a house from someone and got the Cat on the bargain, I now have the best and cutest pet ever :3
    But I tried to look it up and have found no luck in how to obtain one of these.. and it cant be crafted..
    Can you help me?

    1. Amelia
      Amelia / 1-1-2015 / ·

      Easiest way is to purchase at the AH. But the chest drops from killing bad guys, list here:

      Also, apparently a quest line you can do on the west side.

  4. Taichou
    Taichou / 11-30-2014 / ·

    Is it possible to update the tax calculator to calculate the optimal way to split taxes between multiple characters? (lots of land, splitting taxes by having mult patron accouts)

  5. Amelia
    Amelia / 1-1-2015 / ·

    Jubilee, are you still updating here?

  6. Amelia
    Amelia / 1-1-2015 / ·

    If you are updating, a nice perk would be adjustments for the land in Auroriaor an option to change the tax rate

  7. Synystyr
    Synystyr / 1-21-2015 / ·

    Your guide to large scarecrow is confusing! Ive looked it up and down several times and am only seeing 3 packs. Arent there 4? And it would be SO awesome if you could just list the packs and ingredients needed!

  8. Baby
    Baby / 2-27-2015 / ·

    Its still missing the 500% cap on taxes, at 10 properties it stops adding, so max you pay for a 1616 is 50tax, 75 for a 2424, etc.

  9. Sarah Williams
    Sarah Williams / 6-13-2015 / ·


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  10. suzanne
    suzanne / 6-16-2015 / ·


    I sent off pics of my townhouse ages ago for your web site, yet nothing is appearing :/

  11. Roger
    Roger / 2-24-2016 / ·

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  12. Tiash
    Tiash / 7-31-2016 / ·

    hey you still have to add tree houses and would be nice if you added the specialty 16s and 24s (the flat rate; stellar, solar, lunar ones) to your tax calculator

  13. Tegan
    Tegan / 9-27-2016 / ·

    Hiya, Are you still running this site? I just want to know if it is worth me submitting any more stuff

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