Property Guide: Safe Buying and Selling



With the relative land scarcity in ArcheAge, some players resort to unsafe tactics to acquire property and end up being scammed in the process.

This guide will help you avoid that. It starts with understanding two things: Scamming is allowed in ArcheAge, and

There is only one safe method to transfer property.

It involves appraisal certificates, available in the cash shop or on the auction house.

The skinny on the 100 percent safe method:

  • structure is fully built NO partial/unbuilt
  • one appraisal certificate per 100g in price
  • SELLER should provide the certs (and adjust final price accordingly)

The seller may set it up as an open sale (anyone who meets the price will get it) or for a specific player (only said player can complete the sale).


  • pay a seller in advance (they dont have to demolish their property)
  • demolish a structure before you are paid/after being paid half (they dont have to pay you the rest)
  • buy/sell a partially completed structure (cant use secure method)
  • give a seller appraisal certs (have them add cost to the price instead)
  • give a seller materials to finish the property so you can trade securely (have them add cost of mats to the price instead)

Doing any of these things opens yourself up to scamming. It does not matter how pleasant, reasonable or convincing the other party seems. Dont. Do. It.