Small Scarecrow and Donkey Quest Walkthrough (West)

UPDATED to Patch 1.2!

vocation_iconTrade runs are essential to earning Gilda Stars to buy houses with, and farming and donkeys are essential to trade runs. This guide shows how to get both without waste on the western continent.

IMPORTANT: You must be at least LEVEL 10 to start quest chain. Turning in tradepacks costs 60 LABOR.

Start in Windshade.

This is where the line to get your small scarecrow and donkey begins.

Scarecrow and Donkey Quest Start

Youre looking for the Blue Salt Brotherhood Merchant Recruiter. Hell give you a bunch of short quests before you get to the one you want.

Blue Salt Brotherhood Recruiter
                1. A Farming Necessity: get 5 water from well behind the guy
                2. Caring for Corn: use the water on the Waxy Corn Seedlings beside the guy
                3. Planting Potatoes: buy a potato eye from Seed Merchant Ramai inside the public farm, plant it there
                4. Meeting the Daru: deliver package to the blue guy standing beside the Mirage Portal, around the fence and to the left
                5. Strange Traders: go back to Merchant Recruiter (Gilda Star reward, yay!)
                6. A Garden of Your Own: talk to the Merchant Recruiter twice to get your first scarecrow blueprint + mats to make it + tax certificates

 OK. So now you have the stuff to build your first scarecrow!


Next the Merchant Recruiter sends you north of Windshade to Morra (Placing Your Garden quest), with the suggestion to plant your farm there. YOU DONT HAVE TO PLACE IT THERE FOR QUEST CREDIT. Just talk to him and return to the Merchant Recruiter.

Trade Run: Solzreed to Memoria

The next quest you get (from the same NPC) is Master of Trade. Follow the quest to Trading Guide Edward, on the other side of the public farm, and hell give you your first trade run quest: Trade Run: Solzreed to Memoria.

Map Lilyut to Solzreed

Exit the map southwest to Solzreed Peninsula, heading to the quest marker. There is a farming area surrounding the specialty workbench there.

If you cant find room/dont want to place your scarecrow yet, you can raise the geese you need at the public farm in Dewstone Plains, and the grapes you need at the public farm in White Arden!

Hit P to check the status of your crops on public farms.

  • Buy and plant 6-7 barley seeds (Seed Merchant sells). Youll get 3-4 barley per plant on average.
  • Water them by hitting F with water in your inventory. This will reduce their growing time. Water is free from wells.
  • Buy and plant 5 goslings. (Livestock Merchant sells)
  • Harvest Goose Down
  • Buy and plant 5-8 grapevines (Sapling Merchant sells). Use the apple icon to harvest when theyre fruited. (Note: More plants will require less time/fewer harvests but cost more)
  • Harvest barley. Be sure youve waited until its mature and no longer says small. You should have a green sprout icon for your F key  instead of a shovel icon.
  • Buy 2 Blue Salt Knives (General Merchant sells), then right-click the stack of barley in your inventory twice. This will give you Ground Grain.
  • When your geese have matured, use the hay bale icon to feed them the Ground Grain.
  • Shear them by clicking the scissors icon and do NOT slaughter them for meat yet! (This will save you having to regrow geese for the next quest.) You need 15 goose down total!
  • After the geese are no longer in recovery mode (yellow + signs around them) feed them again and then choose the butcher option. You likely will need only 10 meat (about 2 geese) so do as you like with the others.
  • Buy 1 Blue Salt Knife (General Merchant sells) and then right-click the stack of meat in your inventory to create Trimmed Meat. You need 50 Trimmed Meat total.

2. Continue with your head start on the next quest.

  • Keep harvesting your grapes in the meantime. Youll need 20 more grapes for this.
  • You may also wish to look ahead to the Large Scarecrow Walkthrough and start planting for that.

3. Craft your pack.

Now youre ready to make your pack. Youll need to purchase a Quality Certificate from a General Merchant, just a stones throw from the machine you make your pack at.


And this is what the specialty workbench itself looks like:

Specialty Workbench

Youll end up with a backpack full of dried food. Be careful, if you set it down somewhere other than on your farm, anyone can pick it up. Since you walk reeeeeeeally slowly with it on, head to the nearest airship.


Wait for the one to Gweonid Forest. Itll drop you right above the quest objective. When you reach the Gold Trader, just talk to him rather than set your pack down.

Your quest will then send you back to Trading Guide Edward at Windshade in Lilyut Hills. Hell then offer a quest called Trade Run: Gweonid to Solzreed, with your donkey as the reward.

Trade Run: Gweonid to Solzreed


Once you have the 20 grapes you need, follow the quest marker to Gweonid Forest, because this particular pack can only be created there. (You should already have the goose down from earlier.)

Make Gweonid Dyed Feathers Pack

Same deal as before.

  • Buy 2 Blue Salt Knives, then right click the stack of grapes in your inventory twice. Youll need 15 orchard puree total.
  • Buy a Quality Certificate (General Merchant sells)
  • Craft your pack at the Specialty Workbench. 
  • Head back to the airship. 

gweonidairship When you land, head to the docks in Crescent Throne to turn it in. The quest will then send you to Trading Guide Edward, back in Windshade in Lilyut Hills. Talk to him to choose your donkey. donkeyreward

Let me ride that donkey.

Almost there. You cant ride your donkey as-is, but raising it is quick and easy.donkey

  • Head to the Windshade Stables.
  • Buy a Vita Seed from the stable merchant.
  • Plant the seed.
  • Harvest the Vita Root when it matures.
  • Plant your donkey in the stable area, and keep interacting with it as prompted until its mature.
Now youre all set to do trade runs and earn Gilda Stars.

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